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Nashville artist Jenna Colt has received degrees from Georgia State University and The Portfolio Center in studio art and design, and her work is in many homes and private collections around the southeast. Some of her influences include John Singer Sargent, Caravaggio, John J. Audubon, Raphaelle Peale and Sally Mann. Whether using thickly trowelled acrylics, smudgy pastels, layered encaustics or alla prima oils, her work appears classic, detailed, impressionistic and contemporary all at once. In Jenna’s current work she combines ethereal landscapes with portraits of majestic water birds, and creates the look of silver gelatin photo prints by using thick and thin oils over metallic silver canvas or panel. Large-scale murals, oversized portraits, life-sized landscapes and tiny still lifes; Jenna’s energy and enthusiasm shine through in every painting.

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